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Leisure Centres

NSL CRM Leisure provides a single solution for any leisure centre, sporting venues or health spa operation. It is one platform but with many applications-not simply a reservation tool, but a framework to manage and grow your business. No other provider offers such breadth, flexibility and expansion all based on industry-standard Microsoft software. The great […]

NSL CRM Leisure provides a single solution for any leisure centre, sporting venues or health spa operation. It is one platform but with many applications-not simply a reservation tool, but a framework to manage and grow your business. No other provider offers such breadth, flexibility and expansion all based on industry-standard Microsoft software.

The great thing about our technology is you only use the features that apply to your business.

With our easy to use/simple screen functionalities minimal training is required which in turn saves you time at reception.

Easy configuration allows you to manage the system yourself, setting up activities, membership types & locations using the great user friendly interface.

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NSL features for Leisure Centres

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM icon

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    NSLCRM is built on industry-leading customer relationship management software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    NSL CRM can be integrated into your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, therefore you are immediately benefitting from faster to deploy installation and reduced user training.

    Customer Data is stored centrally within a customer record where all transactions relating to that customer such as payments, sales, communication history for example can be found in one place, therefore simplifying communication with your customer.

    Maintaining accurate customer data is pivotal for successful customer engagement.  De-duplication rules and mandatory/recommended fields can be set up to minimise inaccurate customer data through duplication or incomplete records. These rules also apply when importing data from third party sources.

    Communicate with your customers in the manner that matches their preference.  Customer privacy settings, interest categories, subscriptions and mailing list preferences can all be recorded and controlled to make sure you are not communicating with customers in ways that they do not approve.

  • Leisure: Activities, Courses & Classes icon

    Activities, Courses & Classes

    Activities, Courses & Classes

    Leisure Activities such as Badminton courts, Football pitches and Cricket nets can be configured and booked out to a customer for a given timeslot based on whether the required spaces are available or not.

    Repeating Classes and Courses can be set up that take place on a recurring basis, and where customers can book themselves into one or more session.

    Block Booking can be processed where the availability of an area can be checked for a whole range of dates, with a system in place to offer alternative timeslots where necessary.

  • Leisure: Direct Debit Management icon

    Direct Debit Management

    Direct Debit Management

    Customers can arrange to pay for goods and services via direct debit, whereby a payment schedule will be set up and billed monthly/annually as appropriate.

    Any failed or rejected direct debit payments can then be reprocessed, or can be paid by other means such as cash or credit/debit card.

  • Leisure: Invoicing icon



    Customers who make a booking, whether it be an activity, course, class or simply buying refreshments or hiring equipment can arrange to be billed via Invoice.  Activities can be put ‘On Account’, and an invoice can be generated and despatched at the end of the month or whenever requested.

    You can also manage customer relationships, to allow for example a Parent to pay for their Children’s bookings or even pre-pay for credit that they can spend in your facility.

  • Leisure: Membership icon



    Customers can signup for any membership schemes you provide at any applicable charge.  Memberships can be date driven, and can be configured to allow for Upgrades or for Renewals once they have expired.

    Membership payment can be taken via Cash or Credit/Debit card or via Direct Debit collection.

    Customer Qualification can be recorded and set up to make sure customers cannot book themselves into unsuitable classes, for example so that a Gym Induction must be completed or a customer must have a basic swimming qualification before being allowed to enter an advanced swimming class.

  • Leisure: On-Line Portal icon

    On-Line Booking Portal

    On-Line Booking Portal

    The On-line Portal can be used by Customers to manage their account details, as well as to browse and book activities, courses or classes and pay for them securely.

    The Portal can be styled to integrate seamlessly with your existing website with deep linking to allow customers to book for a specific date and time from a hyper link embedded anywhere. An API is available for integration into existing solutions.

    Credit/Debit Card Payments are taken securely via a Payment Service Provider.

  • Leisure: Reporting icon



    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is integrated with an industry standard reporting engine called SQL Reporting Services.

    A number of Reports have been pre-built and come supplied with the system, including Daily Takings, Current Members/Non Members, Debtors & Payment Analysis.  Custom reports can be built and imported into CRM, but there is also a report wizard and an Adhoc Query builder that allows you to interrogate the data in almost any way you see fit without the need for a fully-fledged report to be built.

    Built in security roles means that sensitive data can be hidden from users as required.  Data can also be extracted via Spreadsheets or CSV files for further manipulating in Office Excel or for importing into Third Party Financial/Accounting packages.

  • Leisure: Security icon



    Our hosted environment option is hosted in a Cloud Deployment from a UK based Data Centre accessed by a secure web browser using HTTPS. Operators/Staff Members log into the system by Username & Password, each with configurable security roles and permissions to control who has access to which data and functionality, with audibility to trace who has been making changes. Further information on our Secure Data Centre can be found here: Nouveau-Net – Data Centre.pdf

    Credit/Debit Card Payments are taken securely via a third party, PCI Compliant Payment Service Provider of your choice, meaning no credit card details are put at risk or ever passed through the system.

    The system is also available as an on premise solution which can be deployed on your own hardware on your network. This option may be desirable if you already have (or would prefer) a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution in house.

  • Leisure: Staffing Managment icon



    NSL CRM Leisure software will allow you to manage your staff schedule and link it to the activities/classes you have running that week.

    The staffing features looks at your staff members and their qualifications, and matches them with courses and classes that you offer to produce an optimum timetable for both you and your customers.

    Staff Security roles can be managed to control which users have access to certain data and functionality such as processing refunds and amending prices.



Pricing model below is for cloud based, on premise please call for more information

Management Licence

Every CRM installation needs at least one management licence.

£75 per licence p/m

Sales licences

Our licences get cheaper the more users you have. Decide how many staff members you'd like to be able to use the system and select an appropriate size.

S 1-10: £35 per user p/m M 11-20: £30 per user p/m L 21+: £25 per user p/m

Customer Portal Licence Cost

If you'd like your customers to be able to book activities for themselves on-line, you'll need a customer portal licence.

£100 p/m

Transaction Charges

There are no per-transaction costs passed onto you.


Standard Support

Standard support, M-F 09:00 to 17:30, is included with all NSL CRM licences. Enhanced support is available on specification

Individual support packages available to suit your needs


Time and materials on specification

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