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About NSL

Established in 1992, Nouveau Solutions is a leading technology supplier focused on delivering solutions that provide intrinsic value to its clients.

15 Years ago Nouveau commenced working with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) supplying IT Services and support.  At this time the RSC employed their own software development team and had built a Box Office reservation system called RITA which was sold to many Theatres across the UK.

In 1995 Nouveau Solutions acquired the RITA copyright, the development team and on-going support contracts.  Recognising that CRM would be pivotal to any solution moving forward, the solution was re-written and built on industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and thus NSL CRM was born.

Today, customers can select between two modules, NSL CRM Ticketing  and NSL CRM Leisure .  Both solutions have been designed, developed, and tested by industry professionals and we continue to develop them drawing on feedback from leading edge organisations.

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