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NSL CRM Ticketing is an industry-leading web-based package for ticketed events, sport, festivals and box offices.

NSL CRM Ticketing provides everything you need to manage, promote and sell your ticketed event, sport, festival and box office.

A total solution that can provide everything from event configuration, front-of-house, telephone and online sales and secure payment, through to ticket printing, despatch and ticket scanning.

Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Ticketing provides a range of powerful marketing and reporting tools that enable you to promote and streamline your event in real-time.

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Ticketing Features

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM icon

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    NSLCRM is built on industry-leading customer relationship management software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    NSL CRM can be integrated into your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, therefore you are immediately benefitting from faster to deploy installation and reduced user training.

    Customer Data is stored centrally within a customer record where all transactions relating to that customer such as payments, sales, communication history for example can be found in one place, therefore simplifying communication with your customer.

    Maintaining accurate customer data is pivotal for successful customer engagement.  De-duplication rules and mandatory/recommended fields can be set up to minimise inaccurate customer data through duplication or incomplete records. These rules also apply when importing data from third party sources.

    Communicate with your customers in the manner that matches their preference.  Customer privacy settings, interest categories, subscriptions and mailing list preferences can all be recorded and controlled to make sure you are not communicating with customers in ways that they do not approve.

  • Ticketing: Box Office & Telephone Ticket Sales icon

    Box Office & Telephone Ticket Sales

    Box Office & Telephone Ticket Sales

    Search for performances by date, category, and venue amongst other criteria.

    Tickets can be sold via reserved seat plans for auditoriums, grandstands, car parks, restaurant table plans or via unreserved spaces with a fixed capacity. Seats can be sold & paid for, or they can be reserved by Box Office staff (such as wheelchair spaces) to be paid for later with no risk of the seat being selected by another customer.

    Customers can be added to a waiting list to secure tickets for a sold out show should extra tickets become available and tickets can be cancelled & refunded or credit notes can be issued to the customer according to your refund policy.

    High capacity stadium seat plans can be separated into areas to help scale the seatplan into manageable sections – any number of different seat plans can be designed using a drag and drop design tool.

  • Ticketing: On-line Customer Portal icon

    On-Line Booking Portal

    On-Line Booking Portal

    NSL CRM Ticketing offers an Online Portal which can be used by customers to manage their account details, as well as to browse and purchase tickets, merchandise and pay for them securely. Our seat selection process uses a real-time seat plan so customers can view and select available seats without the risk of duplicate bookings. Because the seat plan is produced entirely in HTML, which is inherently compatible with all browsers, there is no need for the customer to download third party applications such as Flash or Java.

    The Portal can be styled to integrate seamlessly with your existing website. A deep linking feature for events is also included which allows you to embed links into your own website and can be used to send customers directly to a specific instance of an event. An API is available for integration into existing solutions.

    Credit/Debit Card payments are taken securely via a Payment Service Provider.

  • Targeted Marketing icon

    Targeted Marketing

    Targeted Marketing

    Data gathered about your customers and their buying habits can be queried at any time.  Flexible selection criteria allow you to target your customer and prospect data against specific criteria and build a marketing list of contacts which whom you wish to communicate with.

    Marketing campaigns can be created and managed detailing budget, tactics, customer demographic and post campaign logging of responses so you can measure marketing ROI. ‘Quick Campaigns’ can be created for telephone, email or mail merge direct marketing activities.

    In addition, your data can be extracted into a flat file (CSV) to be further analysed or imported into compatible third party marketing tools.

  • Ticketing: Intuitive Setup icon

    Intuitive Setup

    Intuitive Setup

    All aspects of an Event can be set up and configured in the system by users with the relevant security roles.  This ranges from Production Names, Descriptions, Associated Merchandise, Interest Categories to Promoters, Producers and Sponsors.  Date selectors allow for a whole range of dates & times to be created in minutes, with the flexibility for each show to differ from the rest in terms of seat plans & pricing.

    You can get a Production on sale within minutes both in the Box office and on-line.  Any changes made are real time, so if you need to add or remove extra seats from a show, introduce a new concession discount or promotional code, or take a performance off-line you can do so easily and see the results straight away, allowing you to be self-sufficient.

  • Ticketing: Flexible Pricing icon

    Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing

    Tickets can be separated into Price Bands depending on the location within the seat plan or the venue, or to vary the price of Matinees against Evening or Weekend shows.

    Concession discounts can be set up to allow for discounts such as Child, Student, Over 65 to be selected and which customers can select themselves online.  You can configure promotional code discounts whereby a customer enters a promo code they have received via Marketing at the point of sale  and enables you to track the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

    Optional Transaction Fees, Credit Card Charges, Bookings Fees, Handling Fees and Delivery Fees can all be configured.

  • Ticketing: Membership icon



    Customers can signup for any membership schemes you provide at any applicable charge.  Memberships can be date driven, and can be configured to allow for Upgrades or for Renewals once they have expired.

    Members can be entitled to Membership Discounts on Tickets or even allowed to buy tickets for Invitation/Member only Events that non-members cannot purchase.

    Membership payment can be taken via Cash or Credit/Debit card or via Direct Debit collection.

  • Ticketing: Merchandise icon



    Non-ticket sales such as programmes, posters or t-shirts can be processed as Merchandise sales, each with stock levels and associated images or descriptions available to browse.

    Gift Vouchers can be sold and printed on ticket stock, or emailed directly to a customer for at home printing at their convenience.  These same gift vouchers can be securely redeemed in the system at a later date to ensure the value is not overused.

    Bundles and packages of items can be sold collectively.  For example you could sell a Family Bundle that contains 2 Adult, 2 Child Tickets plus some associated merchandise all at a discounted rate.

    The system is also capable of processing donations and associating the donation with custom funds. This functionality is available both within the box office and online.

  • Ticketing: Ticket Despatch icon

    Ticket Despatch

    Ticket Despatch

    Sold tickets  can be printed directly onto branded ticket stock via a compatible ticket printer or via a wristband printer ready for despatch to the customer.  You can design the ticket layout utilising the “Ticket Layout Designer”, which contains multiple interchangeable designs and can be used to format the text on the ticket.

    Alternatively, eReceipts and eTickets can be emailed directly to customer for printing at home or pre-printed tickets can be despatched.

    Delivery charges can be configured by geographical location or merchandise weight and can be hidden from selection if tickets are bought too close to the show for them to be posted in time, where instead Box Office collection can be made available.

  • Ticketing: Reporting icon



    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is integrated with an industry standard reporting engine called ‘SQL Reporting Services’.

    Through ‘Reporting Services’ a number of Box Office Reports have been pre-built and come supplied with the system, including End of Day Cash Up, Income Summary and Matured Performances.  Custom reports can be built and imported into CRM and via the report wizard and an Adhoc Query builder which can interrogate the data in almost any way you see fit without the need for a fully-fledged report to be built.

    Built in security roles means that sensitive data can be hidden from users as required.  Data can also be extracted via Spreadsheets or CSV files for further manipulating in Microsoft Office Excel or for importing into third party financial/accounting packages.


  • Ticketing: Security icon



    Our hosted environment option is hosted in a cloud deployment from a UK based Data Centre accessed by a secure web browser using HTTPS.  Operators/staff members log into the system by username & password, each with configurable security roles and permissions to control who has access to which data and functionality, with audibility to trace who has been making changes. Further information on our Secure Data Centre can be found here: Nouveau-Net – Data Centre.pdf

    Credit/Debit card payments are taken securely via a third party, PCI Compliant Payment Service Provider of your choice, meaning no credit card details are put at risk or ever passed through the system.

    Ticket sale data can be exported into ticket/barcode scanner systems at the point of entry to the event to ensure only valid customers can gain access.

    The system is also available as an on premise solution which can be deployed on your own hardware on your network. This option may be desirable if you already have (or would prefer) a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution in house.

  • Ticketing: Multi-Site & Scalability icon

    Multi-Site & Scalability

    Multi-Site & Scalability

    Divide your Operations by Venue with ability to cross sell by Geographical region or to operate in self contained Business Units, each with their own branding.

    The solutions allows your users to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser, allowing for mobile box offices  to be set up at the gate of an event.

    Depending on the scale of your operations, the MS Dynamics CRM solution can be deployed across multiple servers to give it the Hardware to support the demand.


Pricing model below is for cloud based, on premise please call for more information

Management Licence

Every CRM installation needs at least one management licence.

£75 per licence p/m

Sales licences

Our licences get cheaper the more users you have. Decide how many front-of-house/telephone operators you'd like and select an appropriate size.

S 1-10: £35 per user p/m M 11-20: £30 per user p/m L 21+: £25 per user p/m

Customer Portal Licence Cost

If you'd like your customers to be able to book tickets themselves on-line, you'll need a customer portal licence.

£100 p/m

Transaction Charges

There are no per-transaction costs passed onto you


Standard Support

Standard support, M-F 09:00 to 17:30, is included with all NSL CRM licences. Enhanced support is available on specification

Individual support packages available to suit your needs


We will provide a personalised quote based on your implementation requirements

Time and materials on specification
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